Lithium Ion Car Battery what are the pluses and minuses

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Lithium Ion Car Battery what are the pluses and minuses

Post by Nomad » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Lithium Ion batteries are still very new battery tech and not everyone has jumped on them as the price is still just to high for them compared to lead acid that is.
Plusses I see:
1-Very light weight compared to lead acid batteries
2-Can be discharged with little to no damage to them
3-Seem to be compatible with regular vehicle charging systems
4-if used for/with solar I hear that one needs chargers specifically for them but I am thinking if they work with the vehicle charging system it should work with a regular charge controller but what do I know LOL..
5-Very long service life compared to lead acid batteries
1-Something new I have been hearing is they are not very tolerant of cold and will freeze and be damaged by the cold
2-Price they just cost way to much

if you have had them and have some experience with Lithium Ion Car Batteries please give us your thoughts on them..

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