Cool camper - is there something similar for an F150 and a couple of other questions

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Post by Williamson » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:16 pm

Hey everyone, I am new here and registered on y'all folks forum since in summer I travel quite a lot. So I saw that you guys have got a lot of good ideas in your pic reports and conversations.
Anyways, last summer went with a special tent that was supposed to sit in teh bed of my truck (it's an F-150). And it's okay, yet when it's raining all the water gets right into the bed and you wake up in a puddle haha
So I thought that this year I'll finally get a camper. I saw such cool device on another pickup truck, check out the pic:
Took it from here, you may check the camper from different angles if you want -
Anyways, wanted to ask those of you who really use these campers, do they require special registration or a license plate, you know?...If I buy one, will I have to pay any extra fees for i or go and have it registered or something? Or I go, pay for it and that's it?...
And also, maybe there are some recommendations for an F-150 truck that I have to know?... thanks
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Re: Camper

Post by Nomad » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:07 pm

Welcome to the Forum Williamson
I dont think their is any extra fee unless you want to insure it that may be a good idea if you buy new.
New/modern ones are much lighter than the older ones.
I do know they need to be secured to the frame of the vehicle to be legal here locally their are bars that can be added to do this.
I used to tent on the ground had a few trips we called a river ran through it literally...
Now you may or may not have to beef up the rear springs done in a shop here locally about 800 bucks or you can go with air bags locally 900 bucks or you may not need them at all depends your truck could be just fine as newer ones are much lighter these days.
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Re: Camper

Post by pathfinder5 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:23 am

That looks awesome but not entirely sure if it's compatible with what I want.

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