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Leave No Trace

Post by Nomad » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:29 am

Leave No Trace [ https://lnt.org/] is an international outdoor ethics organization that promotes the responsible use of wild lands. It is not a set of rules and regulations. The program aims to educate people about the impacts of recreational activity, ways to minimize or prevent them, and inspire respect for each other and our environment.

Help preserve high quality wilderness experiences for visitors and residents alike and protect our particularly-fragile and slow-growing habitats. By adopting no-trace practices, you can help keep the "wild" in our wilderness. The no-trace checklist describes the following principles for respectful, responsible and safe travel in the wilds:

Keep it Wild
Plan ahead and prepare to leave no trace.
Travel and camp on durable surfaces. Use existing trails and campsites. In pristine areas, spread out on durable ground.
Dispose of waste properly. Pack it in, pack it out. When outhouses are not available, cover human waste in a small "cat" hole 60 metres from water, camp and trails.
Leave what you find. Leave natural, historical and cultural artefacts and sites undisturbed.
Minimize campfire impacts. Use stoves or existing fire rings. Keep campfires small and completely extinguish with water until coals are cold to the touch.
Respect wildlife. Observe from a distance using binoculars or scopes. Never feed them. Keep pets on a leash or under control.
Be considerate of other visitors

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