HF Long Wire Antenna made and tested

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HF Long Wire Antenna made and tested

Post by Nomad » Wed May 10, 2017 10:20 pm

I tried the long wire antenna today with a 9:1 unun that did not really work that well at all but with the tuner I was able to get decent SWR readings I made one contact so I know it gets out I will be doing some more testing with long wire without the unun to see if it still works also have an idea of just winding a 2" pvc pipe with wire and seeing if I can tune it with the tuner and see if the unun helps with it at all just stuff to try out.
I do have to say the longwire is at least compact to what other antennas would be I tried a fan but it just ended up being very bulky for storage I am still looking to see if I can find something more compact for storage and deployment experimenting with ham radio is what we do right!

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