AC Kit to recharge my Vans Air Conditioning

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AC Kit to recharge my Vans Air Conditioning

Post by Nomad » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:27 pm

I went to princes auto and picked up a complete kit for recharging the AC on the van it has a very slow leak and a recharge lasts for the few months of heat we have here in BC I used to let my mechanic do it for me at a cost of about $150 the kit I bought was $26 and it included a couple cans of 12A coolant next year I will just have to buy the cans at a cost of about 6 bucks major savings that will go toward the eventual work that will need to be done most likely its the AC Compressor thats going I know one can also get cans with stuff in em that will show where the leaks are I did not see this at the store but if i come across it I will pickup a can or two to use next time I charge up the system I could get lucky and its just an O ring as their are a couple in the ac system but chances are I wont get that lucky...
I may even try and replace the compressor if I pinpoint it as the problem...

So have you done any work on your AC system in your vehicle?
I know we are air conditioned 9 months out of the year here in canada but for 2 months out of the year its kind of nice to be able to chill in the Van.

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