DIY Armrest

This armrest is great gives me a spot to rest my arm on long drives very comfee was easy to make from some plexiglass some foam and cloth all things that I had laying around doing nothing and used a hot glue gun to put it all together.

Blog Blog Blog

 So is blogging still a thing?

Blogs are like a keynote speech where the speaker (blogger) is in control of the discussion, but allows questions and comments from the audience.
Blogs are journals often authored by one individual, and sometimes teams. In the context of business communication, these are often used to talk with the marketplace and to join the conversation that existing external bloggers may be having.

Forums are like social mixers, where everyone is at equal level, milling about and discussing with others. These many to many communication tools allow anyone to start a topic and anyone to respond to one. Members are often at equal level, and content is usually segmented by topic. (rather than by people).

Social Networks are like topic tables at a conference luncheon. Ever been to a conference where different lunch tables had big white signs inviting people to sit and join others of like interest? It’s like that. Social networks allow members to organize around a person’s relationships or interests, rather that just focused on topic. People that know each other (or want to meet each other) will connect by a variety of common interests. These are great tools to get people of like interest to connect to each other and share information.

It’s important to know the many different tools in your tool chest as every type of accessory fulfills a different need. Before you jump to tools, you should first understand who your community is, where they are, how they use social technologies, and most importantly, what they’re talking about

Yet, 2017 is a very different world than 2007. Today is noisier and people’s attention spans shorter than any other time in history…and things are only getting worse. Facebook counts a “view” as 1.7 seconds and we have 84,600 of those in a day. Your new blog isn’t equipped to compete in this new attention-deficit-disorder Thunderdome.

And that’s just social media. There are entire companies dedicated to ensuring your blog never sees the front page of a Google search. While email newsletters still work, they are far from an engaging experience on their own.

Fire Pit DIY

I needed a compact fire pit and one for when the fire bans come happen they usually allow fire pits but not this year 2017 anyways I decided to make my own I also have a stove grate that I can put on top and cook on I found 4 cookie baking sheets 8 bucks each you may find cheaper if you spend time looking around for them cut slots in each end in a V shape made holes on the ends of the sheets that show through and used nails to hold them all in place it works and did not cost me $300+ ether

Click on pic for animation

One extra you could do and I will be doing this is to get one more cookie sheet for underneath just to catch anything that may fall through and also to keep the fire hazard down a bit more.

Glow Plug Soldering Gun

I needed a 12 Volt soldering gun and decided to DIY one for myself I used a Glow Plug from a diesel I just went to Napa and asked for the cheapest glow plug they had cost me 12 bucks I had the wire and I also decided to use silicon to hold it all together and wow this thing gets hot fast you just have to blink and its up to melting all the lead solder you can throw at this thing it will come in handy for doing any soldering that needs to get done on the trail or even at home.

Apple Wine

Racked the apple wine and did a taste test seems good enough for me its OK but nothing special. got about 6 liters of goodness out of this batch.

Apple wine from Concentrate little lacking in flavour right now hoping it will get better in time other than that should be OK to pass around the campfire.
May even help me play the ukulele or at least amuse the group.


Up and coming trips for 2017 and 2018

Trips for 2017

I have been planing a trip for the Lytton/Bralorne area and places in between it’s just setting an actual date now.

Also a  trip to Barkerville trying to take as close as possible the old cariboo trail but off the main hwy that is/was the old trail that trip will be at least 60 to 70% off pavement so far we are still looking to find side trips to take us off the pavement but I think its the best its going to get for now again this trip I am only waiting to pick dates for the trip now. it has been at least 20 years since I have been their and am excited to visit Barkerville and the surrounding area again.

If you are interested in joining in go to the forum and let us know that you are interested in going on this trip with us link as follows:

Trips for 2018

Tuktoyaktuk Expedition August 1st This one will be the longest trip to date for the group that is going if you are interested in joining in please go to the forum and let us know of your interest thanks! Link as follows:

Still Plenty of Snow in the High Country

Still lot snow in the high country I though it was all gone as I have been keeping watch of the BC hwy cams.

It snowed another 4 inches since this photo was taken April 9th

But I have to say I enjoy watching the snow come down!